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Ne'Vetica Launches on January 15, 2019!!


NéVetica is a new ground floor pet business opportunity, first ever revolutionary, game changing, full service pet network marketing company, that specializes in customized vitamins and supplements to fill your pet’s specific nutritional deficiencies. Here's why you want to learn more about Ne'Vetica and what it takes to become a “Ne'Vetica VIP Member” you are entering an unsaturated market to start your business with unlimited potential for growth. Through consultant marketing, you will educate parents on ideas and the proper approach to achieve optimal health and wellness for their pets by offering them our “Ne'Vetica Free Pet Health Assessment”. NéVetica Nutrition is one of the first of its kind- all natural, customized, premium nutraceuticals that addresses your pet’s specific dietary nutritional deficiencies and help promote longevity, optimal health, and wellness. We love caring and connecting with pet parents and creating everlasting relationships. We provide the best nutritional supplements for your fur baby as if they were our own.

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NéVetica Nutrition Supplements

Ne'Vetica knows you live a busy life, it is hard to consistently provide healthy choices for your pets, with that in mind we know that every minute is of the essence! The NéVetica Pet Store gives every pet parent 24hr easy access to everything your pet needs and wants.

Our site will be filled with cutting edge technology, nutrition supplements, toys, carrying bags for small dogs, beds, crates, leashes, and much much more!

All of these items will be conveniently delivered to your doorstep and can be ordered via our NéVetica App or our Website.

"The NéVetica Pet Store" will be designed and configured with the customer in mind, ensuring to exceed all pet parents' expectations! Your time is valuable, therefore we're making every experience with us enjoyable." As a "Ne'Vetica Distributor" you will be able to share your Ne'Vetica App ID with your customers to order their pet products and services directly from their phones... how great is that!!

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“NeVetica is Changing the Pet Products and Services Industry in 2019”

 Starting a pet business opportunity with NeVetica has endless opportunities. This pet business opportunity, with our state of the art NéVetica App and online website, NéVetica is the ultimate portal for innovative nevetica products , convenient pet services, and high quality pet education resources. Simply put, NéVetica is the top of the line, one stop shop for all your pet’s needs. 

There are 3 Types of People in the World: 

People Who MAKE Things Happen

People Who WATCH Things Happen

People Who WONDER What Happened…..  

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Ne'Vetica Pet Business Opportunity Video

Ne'Vetica Opportunity and Pet Products are revolutionizing the way that pet care is administered in the US with technology, by educating pet parents on how to better take care of their pets with proper diet, nutrition and physical activity, threw the Ne’Vetica App that puts the entire pet industry at their fingertips. This is a ground floor pet business opportunity and we are looking for strong leaders that are ready to build this business across the U.S. Become a big part of our healthy pet movement.

Ne'Vetica Compensation Plan Video

Welcome to the Ne'Vetica Compensation Plan! If you're watching this video then you're perfectly positioned to take full advantage of this One Stop Pet Shop pet business opportunity , that's using technology to revolutionize the pet industry.

Nevetica SPANISH Plan de Compensacion 2019

Welcome to the Ne'Vetica Compensation Plan! If you're watching this video then you're perfectly positioned to take full advantage of this is One Stop Pet Shop, that's using technology to revolutionize the pet industry.

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